Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ant-Man Review

So, I put off seeing movies about certain comic characters. Reason being is when it comes to characters or storylines I don't care about, I won't see the movie. Thor is one of those characters. Most of the other Avengers as a whole are characters I just don't care about. Nothing against the Marvel brand whatsoever, it's just I don't wanna go out of my way to spend 13 bucks to see a movie about characters that I never liked. I don't think that's too crazy of an idea.

Antman was one of those characters I've always found to be very boring. Just never got into him. But once Paul Rudd was cast in the role of Scott Lang, I had a lot more interest than I did say, Thor or Jonah Hex or Agents of Shield. Paul Rudd would make this movie entertaining no matter what. And entertaining it was. The visuals, the comedy, the action, the fights. It definitely made me appreciate the character more.

My only complaint is that sometimes it comes off as a silly 1990's superhero movie but not in a bad way. Not a corny Steel or Batman Forever way that panders, but kind of in a "ok, we get the joke and reference to other comic titles and sometimes it seems forced comedy or plotpoint" way. I think in this case, it could've been scaled back. I tend to remember the "Tales To Astonish" line making me want to shake my head. Corey Stoll. also kinda comes off a little too over the top and hokey. Maybe that's just me, I didn't enjoy him as much.

Michael Douglas, much like his father, is one of the greatest living legends in Hollywood. His addition to this movie as the original AntMan, Hank Pym, was perfectly cast. His experience, his wit, his knowledge makes him the perfect Pym who plays as a mentor to Scott Lang. In fact, his chemistry with Rudd may be the best part of the movie.

I highly recommend this. I really think this fits perfectly into the Marvel cinematic universe. If you loved Guardians of the Galaxy, you'll love this. The humor and action are about on par. It's a very fun movie though, so that's what truly matters in my mind. Pick up the bluray for the best viewing experience. This is definitely one movie you can watch and enjoy multiple viewings.


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