Friday, November 20, 2015

What I've Been Watching Volume 2

Watched some interesting stuff this week...

Shock 'Em Dead:

Shock 'Em Dead is one of those movies I've always heard of, but never watched. It's always alluded me for some reason. I mean, I'm sure I've passed it by at video stores at conventions for one reason or another. After watching it, I kinda regret it though.

Shock 'Em Dead tells the story of a hopeless geek named Angel Martin(played by Stephen Quadros) who, after failing at his part time pizza flipping job and an audition to become a guitarist in a local rock band, becomes dejected at every turn and receives quite the offer from the Devil: women, success, money, and some sick guitar playing. Only catch? He has to eat souls. Yup, kill people and suck up their souls like a Hoover.

It's a pretty corny movie, sure, and the acting is downright terrible, but man oh man, I gotta say this is an entertainingly bad movie. Like watching a Troma movie with a higher special effects budget. The music isn't bad, if you're a fan of bad rock music like me. The special features on the bluray are much better than you'd expect. Check them out:

Bonus Features:

1. Director's Commentary
2. Deleted & Extended Scenes
3. Interview with Director Mark Freed
4. Cast Reunion 2015
5. Actor Auditions
6. Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery
7. Cast Revisits Audition Tapes
8. Cast Views & Comments On Deleted Scenes
9. Director's Cut (deleted scenes)
10. Poster and Art Photo Gallery
11. Shock Em Dead Trailer 1990

Yup, pretty good stuff. I really enjoyed the cast reunion. Even though it's not the most widely known and popular movie, I still like hearing stories from set and the audition process. Definitely suggest picking this one up from Olive Films!

Deadly Prey and Deadliest Prey:

So unlike SED, I hadn't ever heard of this movie until I got a press release on it and to be honest, I'm kind of ok with it. It's really a very generic Rambo ripoff with an awesome theme song. Ted Prior(who resembles a less Swedish Dolph Lundgren) plays a killing machine by the name Mike Stanton who is kidnapped by the evil Col. Hogan and his mercenaries while taking the garbage out. And no I'm not talking about this movie.

Eventually the movie becomes a cat and mouse game between Stanton and Hogan. Eventually, Hogan kidnaps Stanton's wife and rapes her. Stanton gets revenge and kills him. The movie ends with him raising his arms, ala Stone Cold Steve Austin and screaming.

It's a typical 80s action movie with some terrible acting. It's a little grueling to get through, but still worth a watch. If you love shot on video action movies, this is a good addition to your collection and for that reason, I will suggest.

Now, Deadliest Prey on the other hand...

In an extra interview on the disc, director and writer David Prior practically admits he put no effort into this sequel and stole the story and scenes from the first one. This bothers me because while sequels from older movies can be successful if done right, this movie was a complete piece of terrible trash. Every scene, including being kidnapped while taking out garbage, is the same. I have absolutely nothing nice to say about this movie. I can't even suggest it.

The ONLY positive is an interview with Ted Prior where he gushes about how amazed he was that there was such a fanbase and how excited he was to do this sequel. That's it. Otherwise, I suggest you stay away from this.

The Velveteen Rabbit:

Ok, as much as I'm a rabbit enthusiast and lover, I can't recall actually reading the book as a kid. Which is funny, since I was a heavy reader. This one? For some reason just never was picked up. But while I was in a thrift store, I found this for only 69 cents! Now, why? Because while I don't remember reading it, I remember my mom actually buying this movie! Yep, It's totally a forgotten and buried memory! The cover brought back so many memories. If I recall, this was an Easter tradition for my mom and I. It's such a charming story, that if you can hunt it down, I suggest you pick it up. If not for nostalgic purposes, then just to check out a fun interpretation of the story.

The Condemned 2:

So because I am a host of the  Dead Air Horror and Genre Podcast, I watch a lot of unusual movies. This is one of them. Tonight, we discuss this and the Irish horror movie, The Hallow. All I'll say, is Randy Orton is just as exciting of an actor as he is on the microphone. I'll save the rest of my thoughts for the podcast. Click the link to join us between 9 and 10 for the most unusual 2 and half hours of your life!

So it's been a pretty fun week as far as movies, I'll be back some time next week to discuss more!!!


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