Sunday, November 8, 2015

Stuff I've Been Watching(and you should be too!)

So, I've been a little behind in the past few weeks on movie viewing but I've finally had a little time to sit down and catch up on movies I've either received as screeners, picked at a thrift store or the local used movie/music shop. or whatever. I wanted to share my pickups for the past few weeks just because they're such an eclectic group of movies.


This dark, dark(very dark) comedy was the second movie directed by Burt Reynolds, and is most likely his best movie as well as his first of many with his friend Dom Deluise. Burt plays a real estate agent who has 6 months to live and finds himself in rather comedic situations in trying to make the leap to the other side.

Ok. Nothing about suicide is funny, but the situations Burt finds himself in were rather funny. Especially with Dom Deluise, who plays his unstable friend, gets in the way and usually screws it up. The subject matter is rather heavy but the entire cast including Kristy McNichol, Strother Martin, Norman Fell(at his best!), and Carl Reiner makes it a fun viewing. I highly suggest this movie from Olive Films and you can pick it up here.

Sometimes They Come Back...

Tim Matheson plays a school teacher who moves back to his hometown where his brother was murdered when he was younger. Unfortunately, things get much worse as he discovers the men who killed his brother, died and...well...came back for their own brand of revenge.

Ok, so while Tim Matheson is a really underrated actor, this movie isn't the most exciting. I can't say it's my favorite Stephen King adaptation. But I wonder if it would've been different had it been a theatrical release instead of tv movie directed by Tom McLoughlin(yes, of Friday the 13th Part 6 fame). Nothing wrong with tv horror movies but this one falls flat for me. If you are a fan of this movie though, which I know there are fans of it, you can buy it here from Olive Films.

Electric Boogaloo:

I've been waiting 3 years now since this was announced. I'm a huge fan of Cannon Films and have been since seeing Masters of the Universe on the big screen on my birthday in 1987, so I knew I had to see this. Done by the same director of Not Quite Hollywood, Mark Hartley, everyone who's name is not Chuck Norris who was ever in a Cannon movie is interviewed and discusses their favorite moments and memories of the eccentric Cannon Films group. Now, while there's more disgruntled nature and anger towards Cannon, it's still a fun documentary to watch, especially to hear the stories of just off kilter and goofy the founders Manahem Golan and Yoram Globus were. Whether they were printing ads for movies that haven't even been made, casting stars who don't quite fit into the movies, and giving Chuck Norris a 5 movie deal, which since I'm not a fan of him, I find kinda silly from the getgo anyway.

Cannon is one of the most interesting stories in Hollywood history and quite frankly, should have their story told. And this is a very fun look at their most memorable history. I can't suggest this much higher than I am right now. Seriously. Great fun, great stories and stuff I had never heard. I picked this up at Walmart for $5. FIVE. DOLLARS. Yes, I'm serious. Head to WalMart now and get yourself a copy.


A former rental of Teen Witch for a buck. I dare you to Top That.

You can't.

So these are movie suggestions for the week. If I find more this week while I'm out and about, I'll report back here with more suggestions. Hopefully, I can find some more goofy stuff to watch.


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