Sunday, November 1, 2015

Review: Meteor Man

1993 was a much different time for superhero movies. Despite Batman's success, a lot of studios still weren't pumping out superhero movies every other month like they are now.In fact, being a comic book fanatic at that time, I was surprised when we did get comic book or superhero movies just because they were so rare. Now, when these movies would come out, they'd usually be panned by critics and laughed at by audiences who weren't ten years old. But what happens when a movie is made for those over the age of ten and doesn't involve child-pandering goofiness helmed by an experienced and respected comedy writer and director? You get Meteor Man.

Meteor Man, the brain child of Robert Townsend, of the hilarious Hollywood Shuffle, was the alterego of a local inner city school teacher Jefferson Reed who gained powers after being hit by a meteor looking to clean up Washington DC's gang problems. He uses his powers for good and decides to set a good example for those who live in the neighborhood to take a stand against violence and local gang The Golden Lords.

Now, confession, I really wanted to see this as a kid due to the advertisements on the back of Marvel Comics, but I never got to. So when I received a screener, I was very excited to right that wrong. However, while it has it's funny moments, I assume this is a movie I should've seen back in 1993. Now, there's nothing wrong with this movie that should hinder you from buying it, which I would recommend doing, but it's just very dated.


  • Robert Townsend plays a great teacher and a pretty good superhero. It comes off as Greatest American Hero at times and I think that's part of it's charm.
  • Rest of the cast: Eddie Griffin, who I'm a huge fan of his comedy, James Earl Jones, Marla Gibbs, child rap group Another Bad Creation, Robert Guillaume, Sinbad, Bill Cosby, Big Daddy Kane, Luther Vandross(yep, you read right), Frank Gorshin and so many others round out the cast and make the movie enjoyable.
  • Soundtrack: The movie starts off with the Michael Jackson song "Can't Let Her Get Away". Nuff said.
  • Jokes: There's a lot of good comedy, as Robert and Eddie play coworkers and friends. Eddie plays the less responsible goofball to Robert's straight man and usually delivers fun stuff.


  • Dated: As I said, it's a little dated, but if you were around back then it will bring back nostalgia, I'm sure. While the movie is set in DC, you can clearly tell it was filmed in Baltimore. Well, that is if you're like me and lived in Maryland...

That's really the only con I can think of. It's an enjoyable movie that I suggest. You can pick it up at Olive Films now!

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  1. I've gotta check this out. I remember it bombing at the box office when it was released. The constant butt of jokes. Maybe that makes it even more enjoyable now!