Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review: Killer Workout

If you were to ask me, "Chad, what's the best gym related slasher of the 1980s on bluray that includes more boobs in spandex than an episode of Wonder Woman?" I'd most likely respond with Death Spa only because Killer Workout(or known by it's alternate name "Aeobicide") hasn't officially been released just yet. YET.

Well, after receiving a copy of Killer Workout, I'd still standby that. But only because I think Death Spa is a tad bit more creative. Still a little goofy, cheesy, and over the top stupid at times but still more creative. At the same time, they can't really be compared since Killer Workout's main villain isn't a witch. Plus it doesn't have sequences like this:

Yeah. That's something, huh? Maybe some day I'll review Death Spa. It really is a great b-movie. Until then, let's dive into Killer Workout.

Written and directed by the man who gave us Deadly Prey, David Prior, the story revolves around a young woman who burns to death in a tanning bed accident and years later, her twin sister Rhonda runs a rather dirty and grungy health spa for young and sexy. Well, of course those young and sexy become young and dead after a mysterious slasher starts stabbing people with what appears to be a giant novelty safety pin. Now, look, I'm all for slashers using unusual weapons and new creative kills all but this movie doesn't really take many liberties in doing this which is dissapointing. With all the deadly contraptions and heavy machinery, they really could've been a little bit more creative in deaths. But it's all pretty basic and dull.

My only main issue with the bluray itself is the fact that it seems it's just a straight vhs transfer(I'm guessing from multiple sources at that) with no restoration. It does feel like I'm watching a vhs but at the same time, this is the kind of movie I don't think would even benefit from a crystal clear, hi-rez transfer. But hey, it's got an alternative opening sequence, a trailer and a fun photo gallery as bonus features.

Now, that said, as plain and bland as it is. I do think it makes a perfect double feature with Death Spa, I can see movie marathons that have would do a back-to-back screening. While I'd still suggest Death Spa before this, I can't NOT recommend this movie to you. It's the down and dirty charm of this movie that makes it what it is. Plus, it has a very 80s pop centric soundtrack which is a nice bonus. It really is. It makes the dull workout scenes a little bit more tolerable.

If you're interested in this movie, which I do suggest giving a shot, pick it up here at Olive Films.


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  1. I love the idea of a genre gym-related slashers. Never thought about that. Toxic Avenger is the only thing that comes to mind that I've seen. Going to have to check out a few more. Thanks for being my compass & pointing me in the right direction!