Sunday, December 7, 2014

Village Gate Toy Show December 2014. A New Batch Of Fun!

So remember that toy show I attended back in March? The Village Gate Toy Show? No? Well, silly, here's a reminder!

Today I attended the December installment of the show. Except...I wasn't attending to buy stuff, I was attending to sell stuff! Yep. I've got a lot of stuff in my apartment that needed to be moved out so we can have more space around here. Plus, it's Christmastime, so who doesn't more money for gifts? It was  meant to be.

So after a trip to Tim Hortons, my girlfriend Laurie and I raced to the Village Gate and set up shop. Within ten minutes of setting up(and before doors opened) I sold a WWF Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddy. I tried not to get my confidence up as this was my first show vending, but this was a very good sign. All the vendors around us seemed to have a solid camaraderie. Always having time for joking and chatting about toys and geek stuff. And for being the new guy of the show, a lot of them were willing to help me out with advice and tips which came in handy big time.

The doors opened at 10 am and we had already been set up for a good 30 minutes so we discussed game plans and prices for haggling purposes. People filtered in and slowly but surely we saw our inventory of vhs, wrestling figures, Ninja Turtles, She-Ra and more vanish before our eyes. It was pretty nice to know we'd walk away with less junk and a little more cash. These days, every penny helps.  We had a great time meeting new people and making connections. A lot of people who passed were fans of GI Joe, She-Ra, horror, and a LOT of comments from people who saw McDonalds McChangeables and discussed how much they loved them as a kid. Adults telling their significant other or children about their childhood memories was pretty fun to see. It was also great to see parents share their favorites with their kids. Always enjoy seeing that. Who wouldn't?

One trend that I enjoyed seeing the most was the rise in popularity of loose figures. I had my best success selling loose figures over packaged items. I also heard other vendors remark how well loose figures sell. I've always been a big collector of loose figures so to see them selling made me smile. Especially since I've always said that toys are meant to be opened. C'mon people! They're not museum pieces!!!

The clock wound down, as did the vendors. We were all exhausted, being up at 6:30 on a Sunday is pretty grueling no matter what the reason. Despite the 4 pm end time, the more experienced vendors decided to call it a day by 2. We however, had a lot to gain, so decided to be stubborn and stick around. Which was great because we got about 4 more sales before we left.

Now, I still walked around a few times to check out other vendors merchandise. A lot of impressive and tempting stuff including a guy trying to pawn off a complete 1989 Batcave for 25 bucks. Yes, I regret it. Forgive me, my geek friends. I had too. But aside from the Batcave, I found an item I thought I would never see up close...


Despite it looking like I'm yawning, I'm quite excited to be holding this terrific box in hands. I felt like I was a little kid all over again. I'm a huge Gremlins fan and I just had to have this. Sadly, the $50 asking price was just too much for me. But it was totally worth it. I love collectible cereal boxes and this is one of the best looking boxes ever. Definitely a fantastic item for Gremlins fans to own. I hope whoever did pick it up, enjoys it.

Soon after this, it became 3:30 and we decided we did good enough to call it a career. We said goodbye to our vending neighbors as well as some friends we made and loaded up the car. It was a terrific time had by all and if you're in the Rochester area on March 15th, you're invited to the next show! I certainly hope you'll stop by and relive your childhood all over again! It definitely is great therapy and a huge escape from everyday life!


PS-Next time I'll take more pictures! Promise!


  1. Yes...more pictures. For shame! ;)

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