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RIP: John Fasano

RIP: John Fasano

If you're a fan of 1980s horror movies, the name John Fasano should not be new to you. He  was a multi-talented writer, producer and director of many Hollywood movies such as Universal Soldier: The Return and Another 48 Hours. But more importantly to me and many others, he'll be remember as the director of two of the best horror/metal movies you'll ever see, Black Roses and Rock And Roll Nightmare, which at the time were not the biggest hits, but gained their significant cult following shortly afterwards. With creations like the ones you see below(from Black Roses) it's not hard to see why...

Photo credit: The Film Connisseur Blog
Not just known for his directing, but his mask creations were also widely known throughout the horror fandom for being elaborate and some of the most unique. A skill that most directors didn't have. Which gave him a certain edge to making horrifying and gruesome creations on screen, especially when his goal was to scare his viewers.

John, with one of his masks.

On July 19th, John sadly left us at age 52. Such a smart man, brilliant talent and huge influence on many in Hollywood now. My best wishes go out to his family and loved ones who he no doubt left memories that will last forever.

He may sadly be gone but his movies will always be with us. Here's one more for the road, John...

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go pop in Black Roses. It's always been my favorite of his films and consistently entertains me ever since I discovered it at the age of 16 when I was perusing the horror section at my local video store. The package stood out. Well, literally. Mainly because of the 3-D plastic cover that literally popped out at you. On the back, the insane creature design lured me into renting it. Upon first viewing, it was at first sight. Soon after, I picked up the dvd and never let it leave my collection. Whether it's the awesome soundtrack that is constant rotation on my iPod(and fun note, the song "Paradise" was on my first mix cd I gave my girlfriend Laurie in 2010!), the killer creature designs or the coolness of Damien, it's always been a movie I've had deep love for and will continue too for a long time. Without John, it wouldn't have been possible to have such deep love for such a creep movie involving a rock band that turned teenagers into creepy aliens.

Photo Credit: Serial Killer Kalendar

Thanks, John. Your work will never go unforgotten.

August 24 1961-July 19 2014


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