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GIMME GIMME GIMME! The case against Cris Hernandez and CrowdFunding Greed.

Horror fans are some of the most giving and kind natured people you'll ever meet. Despite how the mainstream media and others on the outside off the fandom may portray us. When there's a just cause to give selflessly or to give or a charity that needs support, we're more than happy to give our time and money to it. It's proof that you can NOT judge a book by it's creepy cover.

At the same time, there are those that are out for themselves. There are certain people who would rather take than give. People who are greedy and lazy and not willing to do anything. Of course,
 there's people like that in all walks of life but I'm discovering more and more that the seedy underbelly of the horror fandom is indeed these greedy leeches. And today I present you a prime example:

So the goal of this crowd-funding isn't for a charitable cause or granting a wish to a dying child or adult. Nope. From his own mouth, he's not dying, sick, just looking for others to fund a trip to Chicago for Flashback Weekend's once in a lifetime Freddy photo op, in which Robert Englund will don the makeup of his famous character one last time. Yup. Not use any funds or resources of his own. It's all on you, world. Time to band together and send someone to Chicago for no beneficial reason!

  Now, as a diehard Freddy Fanatic, there's nothing I'd love more than to meet the man himself in character. But at a whopping 365 dollars(well, to be fair, you do get weekend admission, a Q&A where Robert will appear as Freddy, a photo with the man himself as Freddy, and a few other perks) it's not feasible for me to do so. In fact, I'm sure I'm not the only Fred-Head who won't be attending. At the same time, I don't see others who are so selfish enough to ask others to fund their trip.

Cris Hernandez is asking 3000 dollars(actually, originally he was actually asking for 6000) for his trip from California to Chicago. The funding will include flight, hotel, food, merchandise and useless crap he doesn't really need. The perks you will receive, depending on the level of contribution will include photos of his trip, stickers, and perhaps an autographed photo. Yup. Those are the perks. For contributing 3000 dollars to a relatively unknown person(who looking at his Facebook profile, he seems to attend conventions on his own already) you get practically nothing.

Now, from my upbringing, you should be willing to give to those without needs of reimbursement or hopes of a returning favor. You should just do it. But, this guy is lazily asking others to fund his entire trip for no reason. Read in his own words about why he needs to go to this show and how he pleads his case:

"I want to thank you for the time you are about to spend reading this.

A little bit about myself:

My name is Cris, I'm new to Fund Anything... mostly a kickstarter funder

check out my credits:

and I just started funding on Indiegogo:

my friends call me Zombie.  Zombie? 

Yes the George A. Romero Night, Dawn, Day of the Dead mixed with the campy goofy comedic Return of the Living Dead kind of Zombie.  I'm obsessed with Zombies but most importantly I'm obsessed with HORROR.  Horror Movies, Horror Television Shows, Horror Books,  Magazines, Memorabilia etc... anything Horror- all the time. 

Ok enough about me let's get down to the real reason why I'm here... ROBERT ENGLUND, who? 

Robert F'ing Englund the man of Stage and Screen who's been in countless films and tv shows but most importantly recognized for one thing... one character... NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET'S own FREDDY KRUEGER.  Freddy who?

Oh my god if you don't know who Freddy Krueger is then you've probably been living under a rock (apologize for anyone who has been living under a rock.)  FREDDY KRUEGER or FRED, the son of 1000 Maniacs, the burnt, disfigured child killer from Elm street who wears a brown fedora, green and red sweater and a metal clawed brown leather glove, who haunts the dreams of his victims and sometimes his audience.  Freddy Krueger is the boogeyman that your parents told you about so do yourself a favor and don't fall asleep.

Anyway, the big buzz on the internet, in and around the horror sites and forums is Robert England donning the Freddy Krueger makeup and outfit one last time for the fans... ONE LAST TIME... that means after this last time... it's GONE FOREVER!  Or until they make a Freddy vs. Jason Sequel which we all know how long it took them to make the first one - means it'll probably never happen.


Robert Englund will be Freddy Krueger no more and I know hundreds... if not millions of Horror/Nightmare/Freddy fans hearts dropped when they heard the news because Freddy still lives on, in our hearts, in our Blu Ray and DVD collections, in our imaginations and especially in our Dreams.   Knowing that Freddy will be leaving the building soon is devastating at least it is to me.

"What can I do?" I asked myself... "nothing" I answered, I mean Robert Englund has been doing this Freddy business since 1984, 30 years... I should know I was born in 84, as much as he loves being Freddy and hates anyone else being Freddy (yeah you Jackie Earl Haley... we still love you for your other characters though) he can't do it forever, so it's time to hang it up but what better way then to go out with the fans seeing him one more time.

If I can't do anything to stop him then I have to do something to be a part of the historic moment.  So that's why I'm here, at FundAnything, to make a boys dream come true.  A dream that I've had since being born (okay I actually didn't dream when I was born it just sounded cool) but a dream that I've had for quite sometime.  A dream to meet the man who haunts dreams.

Nightmare on Elm Street to me isn't just a movie, it's a lifetime of memories.  Memories of watching Dream Warriors with my Brothers and my Sister.  Memories of watching Dream Child all alone when no one was home.  Memories of watching Freddy's Dead in the theater with my late Mother, we put on our 3D glasses and when we watched Freddy die I really thought that would be the last time but he came back.  It's those memories that I know others like myself cherish.

Robert Englund in his Famous Freddy Makeup ONE LAST TIME, it is that memory that I want to have, it is that story that I want to tell.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, we've all heard the saying before but the picture of Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger one last time for me is priceless, especially if I'm in it.


HOW: Much is it going to cost $3,000

WHO: Me, Cris or Zombie

WHAT: Meeting Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger for the last time

WHEN: August 8th 2014 (Makeup day) August 8th - 10 2014 (Convention)

WHERE: Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Weekend - Chicago, IL

I currently live in California by way of Arizona.  I work freelance in the film and tv industry.  Most people think I'm rich... but I'm not.  I'm obsessed with Zombies and the Horror Genre.  That obsession has led me to collect autographed pictures, posters and other memorabilia.  This will be the first time visiting Chicago so I’m also gonna get some touristy stuff in there like lots of pictures and videos.  I plan to document my weekend trip, the convention and recap everything after through pictures, status updates, tweets and videos.  I will be updating a brand new Facebook page I created as well as my current twitter, instagram, and tumblr.

I set the bar high at $3,000, I don’t expect to get that much but getting enough will help fund my Dream which would help me pay for my Plane tickets: California > Chicago/Chicago > California, airport fees like bags and stuff, I’m brining my camera and luggage and I’ll be bringing back all the merchandise I collect for my funders so that will cost me too.  It will also help pay for a Hotel, which won't be cheap by that time, food.  The most important part of the trip that you will be funding is a Meet and Greet and photograph with Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger and also Help pay for the rewards that I am offering, which include purchase fees, autograph fees and shipping fees.

Once again I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to read about a boys lifelong dream and heres to to making it a reality.

you're newest friend


So there you have it. A pretty selfish thing to ask for. He essentially tells you that YOU will pay for everything and he won't be using any of his money. Is this appropriate? No. Is it illegal? Absolutely not. Is this what crowdfunding SHOULD be used for? Not really. I'm not a fan of CrowdFunding unless it's used for a legit manner that can be used for good and this makes both crowdfunding and horror fans together look plain awful. At the same time, asking for 3G's(the money seems way too much anyway. I feel like there may be some tomfoolery going on) to meet an actor is a  foolish thing to ask for. But looking at his $0 he's gained with under 30 days to go, I have serious doubts it will even be an issue.

Logically, if this guy truly wanted to go, he could get drive on his own money, find the cheapest hotel in town or sleep in his car, pack food, be in and out and still be under a grand for the weekend. But he'd rather seek you out for selfish need. I'd rather buy 3000 copies of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader at a church rummage sale. At least that way I could donate them to needy people who need humor in their life. Also, 3000 bones could buy a LOT of food or clothes for the homeless. 3000 dollars could also be used to convince Jerry Lewis to release Day The Clown Cried. All these are better options than someone's greedy need to meet Freddy. Even this, photoshopped or not, seems to be a better use...

So, while I sit here and admire my photo of Robert and I from 2009 at a Monster Mania sponsored Halloween party, I wonder, "wouldn't it be great if I could get a photo with Freddy himself?". The answer, again, is yes. But there are other priorities in life and while this is extremely exciting, I'd rather see horror fans give to a charity such as Scares That Care or just any charity or justifiable crowdfunding. I do believe that using crowdfunding to send people in general to conventions in any manner unless that person is physically disabled or similar is a complete disgrace and crowdfunding, if used at all, should be used to help flourish the fandom it's being used in.

So, that's my rant for today. I really hate to fill this blog with negativity outside of normal sarcasm, but this just pushed me over the edge and I find stuff like this beyond inappropriate. I hope you forgive my deviation from my normal content, but this bothered me too much. I guess I'm allowed one rant per year, right?




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