Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Brad Dourif and the Final Five

So Brad Dourif has been added to Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ for their August show this summer. Brad Dourif is a pretty big deal to fans seeing as he voiced Chucky, played the Gemini Killer in Exorcist 3, played Officer Brackett in Rob Zombie's Halloween, Tucker in Graveyard Shift, Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings and just about any other movie you can imagine that needed an unbalanced nutjob with a weird voice. Personally, I love his roles as Chucky and the Gemini Killer especially. And after years and years of not doing conventions up on the Eastern Seaboard, Brad has come back.

It pleases me even more because for the longest time, Brad was one of the legendary people on my "Final Five" list. A list of celebrities that, assuming they were an attainable goal, if I met, I could happily retire from conventions forever. It's a list of people who, one way or the other, have left an impact on me beyond words can properly explain. But, seeing as I write a blog, I'll try my hardest too.

The Final Five(Well, I guess now that Brad is doing a show, it's the Final Four):

4.) Wes Craven:

This man needs no introduction. The twisted mind(or is that brilliant mind?) that gave us Scream, Last House on the Left, Serpent and The Rainbow, Red Eye, and of course Nightmare on Elm Street. Wes is hands down one of my all time favorite directors and someone who I have full faith in that when I put a movie in, I'll be very satisfied. Wes has done a handful of conventions over the past 30 years or so but, I've missed him. And getting him on my prized Elm Street posted signed by many cast members, would be superb.

3.) John Kassir:
Yes, yes, yes, I know. John Kassir, best known to the world as The Crypt Keeper, does a lot of conventions, but for some reason, our path's have never crossed. Tales From The Crypt has been my favorite TV show since discovering it when I was 7 and the Crypt Keeper has long been a symbol of my youth alongside pro wrestlers and Batman. To this day, I can sit down to watch TFTC and laugh at his one liners and enjoy the episodes as if I had just discovered them. John has always seemed very embracing of his famous role and it's my goal to finally shake the hand of the man who gave me some of my favorites laughs as a kid and adult.

2.) Yvonne Craig:
 My biggest crush of all time. Yvonne played Batgirl in the 1960s Batman series and while I was born 14 years after the show's final episode, catching it through reruns in my early childhood introduced me to Batman as a whole and also helped me fall in love with the gorgeous Batgirl. Alicia Silverstone tried, but not even she could shift my allegiance as a teen. Yvonne has done numerous shows, but it seems every time I was to attend a show she was a guest at, something roadblocked me and stopped me from attending. Another dream of mine is to meet the entire living cast of Batman, and I've already met everyone but Yvonne. So hopefully, Monster Mania who has advertised this as another Batman reunion can make my dream come true.

1.) Michael Keaton:

While Adam West introduced me to the silliness Batman, Michael Keaton opened my eyes to the serious side and that there was more to Batman than just "Powie!" and "Zammo!". To me, there is no other Batman. No one. And since I tout Batman 89 as my all time favorite movie, it would only be appropriate that Keaton is the number one guest on my list. Keaton has never really done conventions outside of a Dallas Comic Convention and maybe a SDCC here and there, but to meet the man who brought life to Beetlejuice and Batman, would be a very big honor. So, promoters out there, make it happen!

There you have it. Not the greatest list in the world, but to me, these four people are immortal thanks to the roles they portrayed and the influence they had on me. I'm very excited about meeting Brad Dourif, who is one of the greatest character actors of our time, this coming August.

Want more details? Head over to Monster Mania's site for more info on the convention!


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